Wedding Photographer in Italy, How to hire?

Thanks to the Internet, hiring a good wedding photographer in Italy has never been easier.
On the search engines you’ll find hundreds of professionals; you can compare portfolios
and get in touch with the ones that meet your requirements.
Finding a skilled Italian photographer with a competitive rate is another matter.
Prices could be lower comparing to professionals abroad, but that’s not the only point to pay attention to.

What’s the average price for a wedding photographer in Italy?

Rates of good Italian Photographers usually start around 1500 €.
They depend on the equipment, the skills and expertise, the coverage area and, of course, on the popularity.
Therefore, the correct question is: which are your expectations?
The wedding photographer is an investment on memories.
If they are important to you, be ready to open your wallet and it will be worthy.

 Hiring cheap photographer, a possibility to consider?

Yes it is, of course, but given that you’re travelling overseas to get married, it would be a shame
coming back home with unsatisfied. No second chances are given!
Cheap photographers, after all, do a mediocre job.
Without any sense of responsability, he will provide, skills permitting, standard photos taken
during the most critical moments, but not much else.
His profit is on the numbers. Wedding Season in Italy is from April to October.
Seeking for quantity and not quality, filling the agenda, he can’t return a result over the top for any wedding.
Charging a studio with many associates, you might get an assistant or a student;
some of them provide no editing: colour balance, exposure adjustments and standard print quality.
To make it clear: cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad results. But you always pay for quality.
New professionals need to build their portfolios; they offer great photography at an attractive price.
Overall, they should be very motivated in getting great pictures to be shown to future clients.

What about the others?

Firstly, a pro photographer will ask you to sign a contract in order to protect both parties, a guarantee of quality,
letting you focus on other arrangemets and enjoying the trip.
Secondly, hiring a good Italian photographer means getting a local that knows

venues, locations, secret spots and how to wing it for the best.

You’ll come back home with a unique, sophisticated and customized handmade album.

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